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Monday, October 17, 2011

Monstrous Powerful Large Ultimakerish Clone

It has been awhile since I have made any updates, I have been working on my printer with a moving bed design, and not liking it. So I have decided to go back to a moving extruder, but this time unlike my last moving extruder design im going to imitate the Ultimaker style XY and makerbot/ultimaker style z axis.

First 2 pics of the mockup in Autodesk inventor:


The first thing you may notice is the all wood construction, the box will be constructed from rough oak milled and jointed to my specifications. You may also notice the box joints, these serve to purposes one strength and two cosmetic. This printer will be built to perform and to look stunning.

You may also notice that all mounts for the steppers, rods, idlers are all integrated into the framework of the printer, this is for simplicity of parts and again I believe it will help with strength.

Only 4 printed parts, they are the moving XY rod carriers.
I still need to do alot of final touches like add fasteners and check for interferences, but if it all checks out I will start construction towards the end of this month early next month. Just need to borrow some wood working tools from my dad.

Steppers XY axis 2 motors Nema23 .9 degree step 260+ oz-in, Z axis 1 motor Nema 23 400+ oz in
Electronics Makerbot gen 4 with X8 micro stepping
1/2" linear bearings
4 linear bearing rods on Z axis
1/2-10 acme lead screw on Z axis
MK7 Hot end
Heated bed from last printer
12" x 12" x 16" build area or for yall across the pond 304.8mm x 304.8mm x 406.4mm