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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Overhang Tip

So last night I finally finished reassembling my printer.  Im not satisfied with some changes, and they will be changed again but that is for another post.

So for my printers first of many first prints I decided to print the Colassal Bust of Ramesses.  The new cooling setup has reduced curling completely.  But when the print was nearing his "beard" I didnt want the printer to print in mid air.

So here is what I did: I folded a piece of painters tape in half, I then stuck it to the part where the support was needed with the seem at the current printing location.  Pictures below.

As you can see for this small simple overhang a piece of masking tape added all of the support needed.

The print is not finished, as it was getting late, so I paused the print, and shut the printer off.  Im hoping that when I restart the printer and resume the print it will resume correctly.  I will update on the results.