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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bridgeport Update DRO

So I have a Bridgeport milling machine, it was made in 1941 making it 73 years old.  The table show abuse, but its flat within .001 across the 42 inch surface.  The spindle runout is less than .001 I only have an indicator that reads in thousandths. Still need to adjust the gibs and adjust the acme nuts to get the backlash down.

The only bad thing for me is that it is missing alot of parts for the spindle auto feed, and it will be expensive to fix but a necessity.

So I ordered a DroPros DRO system 2 weeks ago and finished installing it last week, Ive played with it a little but havent made many chips yet.  I also ordered a Kurt Vise on ebay, nut Kurt Style but an authentic Kurt.

Ive done one thing with the mill so far that was a first for me, but sadly I have no pictures.  My brother had a moped cylinder head that needed to be shaved, he asked me to take .020 off the top, so I did.  He put it back on the moped, and all seams to be good.

Now for a picture, the following picture is before the Z axis slide was installed and before the wires were tidied up.