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Monday, July 8, 2013

XY Changes Incoming

Recently I have been experimenting with higher speed prints, currently I can print reliably around 50-65 mm/s and travel at 125 mm/s.  I want to double that for quick prints, maybe more than double it.  Currently I am running linear ball bearings on the extruder carriage, and brass bushings on the X and Y carriages.

I have designed and printed all new parts for all moving parts, I have also moved to 12mm aluminum linear rod for the moving rods.  The X and Y carriages will be using freon lined linear bearings (I had them) and the  extruder carriage will be using Igus J-glide plastic bearings.  All ball bearings are out of the question due to weight.  Eventually I will upgrade the X and Y carriages to Igus J-Glide as well.

The current carriage with extruder weighs in excess of a pound, counting all other moving parts on the XY cartesian system is probably close to 4 pounds, its heavy.

The new printed carriages and aluminum linear rods should bring me to around a pound.

The only part keeping me from assembly is the tubing connector to attach my Bowden extruder up to it.  Assembly should happen within the next week.

Now for some 3d shots taken from Inventor, and a picture of the printed components.

The X and Y carriages in this pic have stainless 1/4-20 SHCS, when I make my next McMaster order they will be replaced with Nylon set screws.  Also the PLA itself was carefully tapped for the threads, I believe I used 4 perimeters on these.


  1. What do you think your print/travel speeds will be by the end of the year? Keep the progress rolling! Andrew (

  2. my goal is 100+ mm/s print and 300 mm/s travel. To reach these goals im going to have to reduce my pulley size as well. Currently they are geared for torque.
    Stepper motor has a 5/8 diameter pulley and the shaft pulleys are 2.5 inches. The shafts are .5 inch shafts and i plan on printing 1 inch pulleys for them. Lots of upgrades planned for this year. I may also use better bushings in a few other places.

    I will expand more on a future post.