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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Complete Revision

It has been so long since I have posted but a lot has changed, instead of explaining it all I will post pictures:

Also I took some inspiration from Makerbots printers


  1. Nice Job, the Pololu stepper heatsink is quite funny, I use a memory IC cooler and some silicon to hold it in place.

    The Z ballscrews look like a large pitch, what resolution do you get with them?

    Is the all metal hot-end staying cool enough to go directly into the Wade extruder?

    Are you printing yet? I'm so close now.

  2. the Pololu heatsink I actually made on my lathe with a fan blowing on it it works perfectly.

    the ballscrews are a large pitch before on the old design I was getting about .15mm per step, with the new gearing it should be well under .1mm per step (estimated.)

    That hotend has about 30 hours of print time, the heatsinks get to hot to touch, but the wades extruder help up to it, I do believe a Fan would help it become more reliable.

    I hope I am correct about the Z axis resolution because I just got my .25mm drills in and will finaly drill the hole for my .25mm nozzle