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Sunday, May 22, 2011


All of the electronics are now finished, 90% of wiring is completed, all wires are ran. Thermocouples are harder to extend than anticipated, so I ordered new ones at the proper length, 1 5m length and 1 3m length id rather them be longer than shorter.

The computer is up and going windows 7 ultimate 64 bit with all the needed software installed, RepG, Skeinforge, Python, Arduino, ect. Debating if I want to install Inventor on that computer as well. This printer is meant to be completely self contained, It will be possible to do everything from the printer: R&D, design, and manufacture.

Ran a 20 min dry run with the xy axis to see how well everything works, 1/8 micro stepping is 10X quieter than before with full steps, before I also had a bunch of rattles that has been fixed now.

Things left to do:
secondary belt splice for z axis
wire up thermocouples
solder up bed heater
retune/setup PID controllers
Add Z axis stop
Add/wire for fans on all stepper motors plus pin point fan for build surface
devise a monitor mounting solution that fits the printer well
mount keyboard and mouse in an adequate place
figure out why the left Y axis motor isnt working, wiring? driver? settings?
probably a few things I left off

The XY build platform has some flex to it, I believe it will be fine for printing, but im not satisfied with it. 90% of the flex is forward to backward due to the spacing of the two linear bearings, I plan to fix that in a future revision. But when looking at the parts that are flexing a lot of the flex is coming from my linear bearing rods. The rods are 1/2 diameter 22" long steel of some sort, they came with the bearings when I ordered them second hand. I may order 2 new linear bearing rods from Mcmaster to see if it helps with my problem.

I hope to be printing by the end of May or the first week of June, I really want to print a florescent green green lantern ring for the green lantern movie :P

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