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Saturday, October 9, 2010

1st Mendel Part

I was bored today while working on my car so I decided to print my first Mendel part, I wanted it to be a quick print, but also a quite demanding print. So I decided upon Z-driven-pulley_20ff. Here is the final part:

Well my biggest problem is that since my Y axis is not fully constrained I get some weird movements in some of the teeth. one side of the y axis is attached to a belt/motor, the other side is free to move as it wishes (kind of like a spring). To fix this I am going to go ahead and add the second step motor to the y axis.

As is the part may work, I do not have any timing belts of the correct pitch to test it on, but I do believe it may work, just not perfectly.

Also today I will share with you my first ever print, from a few weeks ago, it was supposed to be a whistle but it printed at an angle since the bed was not attatched to the z axis and was sliding around a bit. here it is:

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