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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Heated Bed

Last night I tried to print a larger part to see how bad my parts would warp... well lets just say that i only let it print about 6 layers before I canceled the print. so later last night I ordered a 1' x 1' x .25" piece of 5052 aluminum, another PID controller since my extruder board is done and 2 flexible 110v 130 watt heaters McMaster-Carr PN: 8009T16.

We will see how this works out, it seams to be a little more simple than it will probably be, but if anything it should at least keep my parts from warping.

If this works well I will look into finding a larger piece of aluminum for my entire print area, If i get that far I will have to work out a way to save electricity when heating that much bed area. I may actually think about heating the inside of the box aswell.

No pics today, I will probably get some up this coming week.

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