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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Extruder Upgrade Part 1

Im working on many upgrades at once, all while removing the transmission out of my daily driver car. Today I decided that I need to start working on my switch over to the RepRap host software. I have decided on making this switch from ReplicatorG for a few reasons:

1. The 5D firmware is much easier to modify and then upload to the electronics than the ReplicatorG compatible software.
2. I want to use a stepper motor for my extruder, and have it supported by firmware and by the host software.
3. After extensively playing around with Skeinforge I have minimized blobs and stringers to the best extent possible (for me) but im still not happy with my prints build quality, and I believe that a stepper based extruder will help me achieve this.

So today I attempted to prints, both of the gears for Wade's Extruder. The large one started to warp and I canceled the print 4 layers into it, it may have finished fine but I didn't want a slightly bent gear. The other gear (11 tooth) printed well enough that I am satisfied with it, I did file the teeth and other surfaces to give a better finish and to help make the gear run smother when it is all assembled.

Things that I need to really get finished include the heated bed, and I want to make the resolution a little finer, the involute profiles cone out a little funky on some teeth and decent on others, I believe this is happening because there is not enough resolution to produce small detailed involute curves, especially with my full stepping drivers.


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